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Today we were mailed a timeline video of the Metro. The video is very differnt to others which I've seen on the Metro - its professionally shot, has calming background music and pleasurable to watch. You can see all the Metro station stops in a fun and pleasant way. 

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This video is courtesy of bristolg



  1. Posted by  Dirk Fitch on February 24, 2012 | 5:48 PM Login to flag
    I'd like to see on "Metro Ettiquette" something to remind men to offer their seats to the ladies, especially those with small children. All too often I see fit young men sitting on their bums surrounded by standing ladies of all ages. Gentlemen, where are your manners? Is this Dubai, or some primitive desert backwater? Do the right thing... please?
  2. Posted by  Umair Wasi on September 15, 2009 | 12:25 PM Login to flag
    really awesome the duration tells that u may visit the whole Dubai in nearly 4 minutes, but I think this is experimental trip when it will active it takes around 15 to 30 Minutes.

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Raminator Posted by Raminator on September 14, 2009 | 2:30 PM