My first Metro ride

A few friends and me wanted to go for Korean dinner on Thursday at Al Ghurair in Deira. Normally we would have driven there but this time we decided to take the Metro there.

The closest Metro station to us was Financial Centre. When walking into the station, things seemed a bit chaotic. I didn't know where to buy tickets and where to buy Nol cards and the staff were very busy so asking them wasn't an option, in the end one of the other passengers helped me. I bought a Silver Nol card and made my way to the train. The entire Metro station was very clean and design looked amazing. It wasn't like other Metro's I had been on before which were dull and plastered with advertising, this was a different experience.

When on the Metro platform, I didn't know when the next train was arriving as there was no schedule on the TV screens which only showed the time so we had to wait not knowing how close the train was. When the train finally arrived, there was a lot of pushing and shoving espically because passengers didn't move out of the way of the opening doors allowing the passengers on the train to get off. The speed of the Metro was extremely fast, taking us less than 10 minutes to reach Union Square station with no long train stops and our restaurant was only 5 minutes walk from the station.

The ride back was less than pleasing. The last train was meant to be at 12am but when we arrived at 11:30 the Metro employees told us the last train was in 5 minutes which wasn't following the schedule. Then once the train arrived we were kept waiting for 20 minutes and had another long stop making the entire journey much longer than it was meant to be.

The ride back was not my greatest, but its a learning curve for Dubai and they will get better with time am sure.  I will definitely use the Metro station again when I can avoid driving my car in crowded areas like Deira.

Below are some pictures of me riding the Metro


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Raminator Posted by Raminator on September 13, 2009 | 11:18 AM