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I lived in Dublin, Ireland for eight years (many happy memories) before I moved to Dubai.

For four of those years I used the Dublin metro system, The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit). I lived in the city and worked in Dun Laoghaire, which is out on the coast of Dublin, southside (not too far from Bono's house).

The DART hugs the coast line of Dublin City, North & South and in parts the views are stunning.

Dublin DART at Pearse Street Station

Each day I would walk to the Pearse Street Station, beautiful in the Summer as I would walk by the famous Dublin canals and see all manner of nature and life. The Winters were harder, colder & wetter, but once you wrapped up, it also had its charms.

I enjoyed using The DART, it was my downtime before I went into the office (I worked for one of the biggest retailers in the world, the office could be crazy sometimes, especially during a price war!)

In the mornings I would listen to the morning news debate shows and catch up on any reading, thus insuring I was informed of the nations events before I got to my desk. In the evening's I would listen to my music, chilling out after a hectic day at the office.

My funniest memory of using the DART was on one Summers morning, I had caught my usual 8.25am DART, found my seat, had my headphones on listening to Morning Ireland. At Sydney Parade station a young man got on the train, he had a workers tool bag (for construction trade) but was carrying a hammer.

He sat down behind me and my imagination went into overdrive, what if he is a hammer killer! will he go nuts and hit me on the head? (perhaps I have seen too many slasher movies!) Finally my station arrived and I got off, relieved.

I remember how I felt, like it was yesterday. Looking back, I laugh, poor guy was just going to work, minding his own business, getting on with the day, like everyone else on the train.

Here's hoping you have many happy Metro Moments!


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