Dubai Metro Launched

After years of waiting, the Dubai Metro was officially launched at 9/9/09 at 9pm.

The first station to start operating which was Mall of Emirates was near to my house. I thought I could park on the flyover bridge and get some great photos, I didnt know that everyone else in Dubai had the same idea. As I tried to park on the side of the road, there were police cars telling everyone to leave, no cars were allowed to be parked near the flyover - just as well, it wasn't the most safe choice to get photos.

I rushed home and watched the entire launch live on Channel 33. Growing up in Dubai this is really amazing to watch as this is a really important announcement. This is a launch which will really affect people's lives for the better.

I was really in awe how Shaikh Mohammad stopped at all the stations and closely inspected them with fine detail. From the television, all the stations looked very clean and ultra modern just as the RTA had promised.

The launch of the first few Metro stations has gone off great, here's looking to the future launch of other Metro stations.

If anyone has pictures & videos, please mail us at

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Raminator Posted by Raminator on September 09, 2009 | 10:42 PM